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Irish Motorhome Tours Prices

Irish motorhome Tours offers several options to meet your holiday needs – these are:

Complete Motorhome Touring Package – this package includes hire of your preferred motorhome, a bespoke tour itinerary and pre-booked overnight stops.

Complete Touring Package – this package includes a bespoke tour itinerary and pre-booked overnight stops.

2 Berth Swift Mondial

2 Berth Swift Mondial

4 Berth Chaussen

4 Berth Chaussen

6 Berth Dethleffs Sunlight

6 Berth Dethleffs sunlight

General Interest Tours

2015 Prices

8 Day Tour - Northern or
Southern Ireland

15 Day Tour -
All Ireland

Game of Thrones Tour

Complete PackageTour PackageComplete PackageTour PackageComplete PackageTour Package
Low Season
2 Berth£740£240£1380£380£740£240
4 Berth£840£240£1580£380£840£240
6 Berth£940£240£1780£380£940£240
Mid Season
2 Berth£1010£310£1920£520£1010£310
4 Berth£1110£310£2120£520£1110£310
6 Berth£1210£310£2320£520£1210£310
High Season
2 Berth£1180£380£2260£660£1180£380
2 Berth£1280£380£2460£660£1280£380
2 Berth£1380£380£2660£660£1380£380

Golf Tours

2015 Prices

8 Day - Northern Ireland

8 Day -All Ireland

Hire Only

Complete PackageTour PackageComplete PackageTour PackageRental per week
Low Season
2 Berth£900£400£950£380£500
4 Berth£1000£400£1050£380£600
6 Berth£1100£400£1150£380£700
Mid Season
2 Berth£1150£450£1325£625£700
4 Berth£1250£450£1425£625£800
6 Berth£1350£450£1525£625£900
High Season
2 Berth£1300£500£1500£700£800
2 Berth£1400£500£1600£700£900
2 Berth£1500£500£1700£700£1000