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Irish Motorhome Tour Self Hire Business Opportunities

“Make your motorhome earn its keep”

Over the last 10-15 years the number of Motorhomes on the road has increased substantially; however Motorhome ownership is an expensive business and with the current economic slowdown many owners are looking for ways to make extra income.

One idea that has been gaining nationwide support is the concept of “Self hire”, i.e. Owners hiring out their Motorhomes when they are not using them!

Over 500 Motorhome owners are already involved in “Self Hire” in the UK taking advantage of the growth in Motorhome Tourism.

As a result, many “Self Hire” owners are now enjoying all the personal benefits of owning a motorhome, while earning a substantial second income from renting. In addition “Self Hire” allows owners to claim substantial Tax allowances* that can be used to reduce their Tax liabilities

irish Motorhome Tours motorhome

Owners can earn up to £500 p/w in the summer months working with a Motorhome hire company or a great deal more if they deal directly with customers!

Irish Motorhome Tours require additional  Motorhomes to meet the growing demand for their Irish Motorhome  Holidays  and are looking for Motorhomers interested in “Self Hire” for the 2014 season

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